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Founded by brother and sister duo, Emma and Jack Caine, LABthetics is a proudly British brand. From product development and manufacturing, to packaging and branding, everything is done in-house by a team of skilled skin experts. 


Having spent over a decade working in their parent’s nutrition business, Emma and Jack decided to develop a clinical aesthetics skincare brand, backed by science. The result was LABthetics – a highly effective nutritional skincare brand that’s loved by clinical practitioners and professionals. 


Launched in 2019, LABthetics is now regularly features in the press, is stocked in clinics nationwide and is available at specialist online retailers. 

Who distributes the product in the UK

We do! We offer our own customer service, brand support and aftercare to our clinics. We aim to build long lasting relationships. Central to LABthetics’ ethos and rooted in the brand’s extensive beauty and wellness history, LABthetics create, develop, manufacture and sell high-quality cosmeceutical skincare. Everything is carried out in-house in West Yorkshire, to the highest possible standards, ensuring customers can be safe in the knowledge that they are receiving a high-quality product, founded on years of extensive research and experience.




What products are included in the range and what do they aim to do

We believe less is more when it comes to skincare products as the market is flooded with a huge variety of products. We have developed a capsule collection and have just launched a professional clinical range for in clinic facials including a peel system we have formulated called LABpeels. The new clinical range works in synergy  with the capsule collection of homecare products.



How does the technology work

LABthetics want their customers to feel their very best and aim to deliver outstanding customer outcomes. LABthetics do this by using the highest quality and scientifically proven ingredients. We then take these ingredients and using our in house research and development lab, create outstanding products focusing on vitamin based formulations that are potent stripping back the formulations to the key ingredients. 


Our popular homecare product Vitamin A renewal cream works as a six step system to introduce retinol to the skin in stages. While our antioxidant serum harnesses Vitamin C L-Ascorbic acid with ferulic acid to bolster the 10% L-ascorbic effects and create a powerhouse of antioxidants. 


We have just introduced a Zinc oxide moisturiser to shield skin from the environment this has been developed free from chemical sunscreens that can cause irritation. 



How is this product different from other similar products on the market

We like to offer a unique approach and deal direct with our customer, Our products are British made and we manufacture them ourselves in-house. We use the highest quality ingredients and high potent medical grade actives. We have developed the range to be affordable and sustainable using recyclable packaging, We use FSC paper in our printing. Our formulas are not tested on animas with many of our products being vegan. Free from palm oils, silicones, micro-beads and parabans.


Why should aesthetic practitioners incorporate this in their clinic

We understand incorporating a new skincare brand into a clinic can be costly, we have made our home care and clinical packages affordable with no minimum order quantities, we offer local clinic deliveries and always deal with our clinics direct to give the best possible LABthetics experience. Our customers are imperative to our development and growth which is why we strive to deliver the best possible service. Our products are in a different league cosmeceuticals not cosmetics. We offer brand support and aftercare to our clinics. We aim to build long lasting relationships. Our unique approach of less is more skincare systems work in complete synergy no more confusing products or routines. Simplicity and consistency are key to achieving results. LABthetics aim for the highest standards in everything we do. We employe meticulous standards to ensure everything is rooted in the best practice, efficacy and safety. Our extensive history in the beauty and wellness industries allows them to cut through the fads to develop skincare products that truly deliver.

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