What is it?  


A peeling and resurfacing treatment of the skin based on natural enzymes. These enzymes include properties that gently but effectively break down the build up of dead skin and dissolve blockages.


With calcium, kaolin and papya extracts the mask helps target rough dry skin, blocked pores and blackheads, absorbing oil and toxins from the skin without irritation or dryness. Acting as a gentle cleanser it exfoliates and tones skin as it purges toxins through the pores.

Encourages the skin’s natural exfoliation process, loosens and removes dead skin cells, dissolves oily blockages, improves skin texture and tone, reduces pore size and smoothes the skin’s surface.


  How to use:  


After cleansing, mix half a tablespoon of enzyme powder into the provided container and mix with water, into a smooth paste. Apply to the skin and massage gently. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with tepid warm water.For normal skin types, use once a week. For a problem or congested skin, the Enzyme Skin Peel Renew Mask can be used twice a week



LABthetics Enzyme Skin Peel Renew Mask

  • Skin type best for:

    Dry skin | Acne | Breakouts

  • How can it help my skin?

    • Natural enzyme-based powder mixed with water to create mask
    • Peeling & resurfacing action
    • Gentle yet effective exfoliation
    • Breakdown dead skin cells & dissolve pore blockages
    • Formulated with Calcium, Kaolin & Papaya extract
  • Key ingredients:

    Calcium Bentonite- Targets dryness, itching and premature wrinkling and is Important in the function of cell turnover and regulation of the protective lipid barrier. Helps skin shed and renew itself and maintain an appropriate lipid level.


    Kaolin- Clay mineral that helps to absorb oil and exfoliate skin.

    Papaya extract- Helps with pigmentation and acts as a powerful exfoliator dissolving inactive proteins and dead skin cells.

  • Ingredients:

    Ingredients: Calcium bentonite, Kaolin, Maltodextrin, Diatomaceous earth, Titanium dioxide (C177891), Carica papaya fruit extract.